Sober living, sober living houses or sober living homes are regularly confused with halfway houses or halfway homes – understanding the two is important.

Halfway houses

Halfway houses are for people being released from jail or prison who are normally court-mandated or do not have housing to go into on being released. Halfway houses are used as a reintegration tool for people re-entering the world after having been incarcerated. Most halfway houses treat addiction, but this is not normally their primary focus. Some halfway houses are for people suffering from severe mental disorders who cannot handle life. These people normally remain in these facilities for long to indefinite time periods. Halfway houses are mostly government funded and may be free or low-cost.

Sober living houses

Sober living houses are for people with addiction. Their main purpose is for reintegration when leaving an addiction treatment program or having relapsed after attending an addiction treatment program. Sober Living houses are private residences, expected to provide support for those struggling with addiction problems. As Sober Living homes are private the standard and structure of facilities differ with some sober living houses being very structured with the price reflecting that. Sober Living Homes are expected to be less structured than Halfway Houses as the residents attend voluntarily and are not usually court-mandated.

Halfway House for Recovering Addicts

Sober Living: A Safe Halfway House for Recovering Addicts Only

To be concise, sober living homes are group homes for recovering addicts. located in a quiet area to help ensure a peaceful environment. Another difference between the two is that most halfway houses do not restrict who may apply to live there. But recovering addicts need to have gone through a rehab program before committing to sober living. This makes sense because residents must be able to stay sober in order to live in this type of home. Thus, recovering addicts who already have some sobriety under their belt have the tools to help them stay sober and are more likely to succeed at sober living than those who are new to recovery.

The Living House is South Africa’s Premier Sober Living Facility, we understand addiction and provide a means for reintegration for people recovering from addiction, The Living House gives the recovering person a healthy peer network and model of recovery plus providing recommendations on Rehabs in the UK for our international family.

We have established ourselves through a multidimensional understanding that, one size does not fit all and this is why we tailor our program to suit our residents (Assessment dependent).