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The Living House is Cape Town's oldest Sober Living House now taking on the form of a Re - Integration Facility. We provide unprecedented, 24 Hour support for our Residents which includes a live- in staff member. What sets us apart is that, at The Living House, we view recovery from a multi-dimensional and sustainable perspective. We understand that staying clean and sober is the real challenge and we support clients in creating lives where it is easier to do so. As such, we believe that Recovery should be tailored to suit each unique individual – a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach. Our approach incorporates the basic principles of the 12 Step journey.

The Living House provides a safe, contained environment that is so necessary to sustained Recovery. It is a space where individuals can engage the next phase of their journey – the creation of a Recovery lifestyle. We endeavour to inspire the connection and growth that comes with living in a sober, caring, close-knit community.

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The Living House has been a great transition between tertiary care and real life. I arrived at The Living House under chaotic circumstances but 3 months later I’m leaving full of hope with plans in place for the future. Lloyd, Catherine & Frances have really made my stay as pleasant as sober living can be. They are always willing to help and are open to negotiations of house rules under the right circumstances. I would recommend The Living House to anyone seeking some stability & support before re-entering into day to day living. Thank you, & kind regards

Dear Catherine and everyone else who has shared my time in The Living House. My time here has been well spent. My initial stay was very uneventful but in this most recent stay, The Living House has provided me with a solid foundation from which to build a future. During my time here I have finally organised my studies and without this place that may have never happened. Thank you for all your support on a day to day basis I really appreciate it. I’m leaving here with fond memories of my time here. Glad to be moving back to my sober life outside of rehab. Thank you again, and kind regards

The Love, care and support I have received from The Living House counsellors & my fellow house mates has been fantastic. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Life felt a bit overwhelming coming out of treatment like I had no idea where to start. The phases process at The Living House has helped me to order things and ensure that my recovery continues to come first as I’ve begun to find my feet once more with work and life. I’ve had the support of my fellow housemates, who understands what I am going through. Realistically, I don’t see how I could take those next steps without living in this kind of environment. My recovery has never felt better and I’m truly grateful for the professional care as well as the non professional support I’ve felt from both the staff & House mates. Thank you

Thank you very much Lloyd, for everything. This was my second stay at The Living House, and it was completely different to my first. Mainly, I think, because of my positive attitude and willingness, but also because of the changes in the house, such as the Just for Today morning groups. In any event, I really enjoyed my stay this time around, and it has allowed me to create a solid foundation for my recovery. I’m very sad to be leaving, but at least it’s just down the road for now. Thanks also to Catherine – you have been a tremendous help, and I really appreciate all that you do. I will certainly stay in touch. Bye for now

Thank you Lloyd for accepting me as a resident here at “TLH” my gratitude speaks to you and my Higher Power for giving me this opportunity to get well and grow in my recovery and process of life on its terms. It has been a good base for me to be in and learn more about my stuff. You run a good house and it has been a privilege to have lived here for just over a year and I’ve felt safe here. This has been a gift in many ways thank you kindly again. I’ll be in touch. Thank you!

My time at The Living House has been 3 months spent very well. I always wanted to live in a commune & this is probably the closest I will get to it. In my short space of 136 days of sobriety, 90 of this is a huge chunk and for that I am extremely thankful towards you and Catherine for supporting me. Thank you for understanding my late payments & tantrums about compulsory random testing, and the cat tantrum! I will miss the JFT and the Monday meetings and the firm way in which Frances conducted the sometimes heated exchanges. The 3 months has also given me the opportunity to learn aspects of myself – some of which I surprisingly like and others shockingly only realise I have. Lloyd you are brave to do what you do and your openness to learn as you go along is admirable and you should be proud of yourself. Catherine you are a pillar of strength and calmness in a sometimes very stormy sea. Thank you for everything

Thanks so much for the opportunity to spend some time here at The Living House, it was the perfect place for me to test out if I was ready to take the next step. Thanks Lloyd, Frances and Faith for being there, and especially to Telphyn who really was always a pleasure to have a chat with. All the best, will be popping in quite often.

I am eternally grateful for all the love, care and support shown to me by the guys at the living house. I've had a fantastic opportunity to make and bond with a new circle of friends in recovery who have supported me through this challenging process. Housemates who make me feel good about putting my recovery into action. Living the program has become fun and exciting and I have The Living House to thank! I spent 18 months in treatment before receiving help from the Living house and from here, I've been able to go out there into the real world and test the water, yet feel the safety net of returning home each day to the support of a recovery focused group of people. It's kept me on track long enough to learn how to cope with the outside world one day at a time and face the challenges as they arise. They say the real challenges lie in wait for a person only after leaving treatment and from past experience I have found that to be entirely true. Molehills quickly turn into mountains as seemingly small things become daunting. This has not been the case this time around. Finally I have found the opportunity to take things a day at a time and begin to try and reclaim the life that has been waiting for me outside of treatment. One which I can only hold onto if I learn properly how to grasp it and that is something the Living House has taught me how to do by providing me with the "training wheels" I need to take what I have learnt and practice it.

Thank you so much for everything. I have had an awesome time here and really found it the perfect balance of being able to take responsibility for my recovery and to work a program but also benefited from the weekly group which allowed me to review my week and check areas of my life and recovery needed more work. Having intended on staying 1month I ended up staying 4 as I enjoyed it so much! It is such a good balance to have other people in recovery around but to all have your own lives. I went through some difficult times emotionally here and found everyone very supportive, and helped me to deal with it without going back to old behaviours. Thanks to everyone – Lloyd you have been awesome to chat to, Frances has helped allot in groups, Faith has been good company and Talfryn you will always be a legend! I will miss you all-made some great friends here but will definitely be popping by often as I am just moving down the road!!! Thanks again

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Kyle Collins

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Kyle holds the position of Managing Director and is responsible for the quality of The Living House services. He has had experience working in various treatment centres, ranging from Primary Care to Sober Living.He is exceptionally passionate about Recovery and views Recovery from a multi-dimensional perspective. His firm yet empathetic approach has assisted countless people in their Recovery process. Kyle is qualified as a Close Protection Officer including a First Responder in Emergency Care Level Three.

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