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Recovery Coaching

We at The Living House understand the importance of having a well-balanced Recovery lifestyle. This is why we have integrated Recovery Life Coaching into our program, giving all of our residents the opportunity to grow the life they really want, and to take full advantage of what Recovery has to offer. By making Recovery worth it, there will never be a reason to go back.

Growing your Recovery and creating a life worth staying clean and sober for
Bobby Jean-Jacques is the recommended Recovery Life Coach at The Living House. Residents entering The Living House are required to meet for a minimum of two sessions with Bobby.

What is a Recovery Life Coach?
A coach helps you prosper in Recovery, lead a healthy life, manage finances, negotiate jobs, CVs and interviews, develop positive relationships, uncover your personal resources and find new ways to enjoy life.

What does a coach do?
Supports and nurtures positive change
Encourages you to improve your life by taking action
Helps you reach goals that may have been derailed in addiction
Works alongside therapy, counselling and sponsorship

How can coaching help me?
Stay sober: Consolidating early recovery is vital. A coach supports you in creating a purposeful life that’s worth staying clean and sober for.
Design your life: You may already know what you don’t want (living life just to pay the bills), but here’s the chance to discover what you do want – and how to get it. Robert will help you redefine your path and set realistic goals on your way to wellness.
Get past obstacles: What’s getting in the way of your life goals and how to overcome this?
Get amped: Enthusiasm fuels the fire of long-term Recovery and helps to make the clear distinction between drug life and Recovery. Life coaching works to widen the gap between old and new lifestyles. The bigger the gap, the less one feels the need to go back.
Guard against relapse: This ‘life-building’ journey will address your inner life, social and work life, physical wellbeing, your cultural and spiritual life, one step at a time. With work in all areas, Recovery gets the best chance at sustained success.

What can I expect to do and learn in coaching sessions?
Get stuff done: By focusing on solutions rather than problems, you are encouraged to imagine, plan and put into action a life that’s connected, engaged and meaningful - where it becomes easier not to use. Solutions generated by you are more likely to be the ones you invest in. My method is to encourage insight rather than telling you what to do.
Maximise your resources: We decide how to make the most of the inner and outer resources that keep you clean and sober (we call this recovery capital), as well as grow and expand that capital. Prime examples are Twelve Step work, your recovery social network, good health, employment, fun, skills and finances.
Draw up a personalised recovery action plan that you identify with and that you are accountable to. There is no one-size-fits-all route to sobriety. This plan may include therapy, self-help groups such as NA or AA, elements of your recovery capital, and coaching. We make sense of how all this fits together in a way that builds your recovery.
Find new inspiration: Discover your natural strengths.

How does coaching differ from therapy and NA/AA?
Recovery coaching works well with other treatment modalities; it’s complementary and empowering.
Coaching is an equal partnership focused on the present and future. We look to all of these interventions and ask ‘what’s working, how can it be made better, and what are you going to do to use recovery as the springboard to a greater life?’
Robert is available for individual and group sessions, which are billed separately to rental at private consultation rates.
More at, call 076 999 3848 or visit Facebook page: Recovery Coach Cape

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