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Recovery Rehab

The Living House provides a comfortable sober living environment which helps cement the new behaviours, thought patterns and coping mechanisms that are learnt at rehabilitation centres and through 12-step addiction Recovery programmes.

The Living House runs on a proudly self-designed ‘Four Phase Re-Integration Program’.

Each resident’s program phase is individual and assessment dependant.

What is our Four Phase Program?

The Living House designed this program to suit people that have a basic understanding and desire for Recovery.

Slow Re-Integration through Phases allows The Living House to accommodate people who are at different stages of their Recovery by providing the necessary containment, responsibility, structure and support.

Overview of our Four Phase Program

Residents entering The Living House go through a thorough induction into the house, after which a resident will commence with an Orientation Phase. The length of Orientation is dependent on clean time and completion of tasks, creating a foundation for a resident's stay.
Residents who are working, studying or have other commitments are encouraged to continue unless it is a threat to their recovery.
Each phase has requirements that residents are expected to have achieved before being able to move onto the next phase. Slowly and gradually in a less over-whelming manner, residents start to manage various aspects of life and become productive members of society.
Our Four Phase Program helps to individualise the program and encourages the progression of our resident’s Recovery.
Phases are monitored during the week by our House Manager and The Living House Recovery Coach, and a weekly House Meeting is held where resident phases are reviewed.

Daily structure

Our initial focus is for a resident to start engaging in our program by establishing daily recovery structures, habits and routines such as finding a 12 Step Fellowship sponsor, participating in the morning meditation and focus group meeting, meeting with a counsellor, and going to a 12 Step meeting.

We encourage residents to engage in work/study opportunities ASAP.

There are basic expectations such as being up by 8:00am Monday till Friday, attending inhouse meetings, actively engaging in work/studying or researching opportunities for these or other existential activities, completing individual and communal duties and attending individual private therapy sessions.
These daily structures aim to imitate a real life routine so the transitional period when Re-Integrating back into society is made easier.

What if I need more support?

The Living House Recovery Coach will assist clients in creating a programmes to suit their individual needs and circumstances.
This may include regular external group or specialist therapy.

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