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Accommodation Costs


Pricing Structure:

NB: Our fees are structured as below in order to create real world accountability, encouraging residents to stay for the agreed term. Please note: amounts below are based on shared accommodation.
LENGTH OF STAY (Based on a calendar month
– pro rata rates will apply if entering during any given month)

1 Month Contract
R3 000 Deposit
R11 500
R12 700 - International

3 Month Contract Recommended
R6 000 Deposit
R10 800 pm
R11 600 pm-International

6 Month Contract
R6 000 Deposit
R10 000 pm
R11 000 pm-International

Please contact us for full details of the financial agreement.

If you would like to live in our sober house, please contact us at or call: 0844 548464.

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