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Accommodation Costs


Pricing Structure:

NB: Our fees are structured as below in order to create real world accountability, encouraging residents to stay for the agreed term. Please note: amounts below are based on shared accommodation.
LENGTH OF STAY (Based on a calendar month
– pro rata rates will apply if entering during any given month)

1 Month Contract
R3 000 Deposit
R11 500
R12 700 - International

3 Month Contract Recommended
R6 000 Deposit
R10 800 pm
R11 600 pm-International

6 Month Contract
R6 000 Deposit
R10 000 pm
R11 000 pm-International

Please contact us for full details of the financial agreement.

If you would like to live in our sober house, please contact us at or call: 0844 548464.

Upon the prospective resident’s admission being approved, a deposit will be required to secure the booking. The monthly fee, and admission drug and alcohol tests fee, must be paid no later than the day before admission.

If the DEPOSIT is not paid on or before the day of admission the potential resident/s will not be admitted.

For your own account:
Any additional testing done on suspicion, over and above the random 2 alcohol- and 2 drug tests per month, which are included in the fee (additional testing if necessary is charged at R125 per drug test / R70 per alcohol test)

Any pathology lab testing, if necessary (cost dependent on type of test)

2 Individual Recovery Coaching Sessions in the first two weeks of arrival

Weekly private counselling/therapeutic/recovery coaching sessions

Any other external consultations related to the individual’s Recovery, if recommended e.g. nutritionalist/dietician, psychiatrist, etc.

Personal hygiene and food requirements.

Transport, leisure activities, etc.

All admissions are assessment dependent and pre-requisites are:

Three weeks clean and sober Recovery time (abstinence)
Pre admission assessment by The Living House recovery coach
For more details please read our Admission Requirements

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