What is a Re-Integration Facility?

A Re-Integration Facility essentially combines Tertiary Care support and Sober Living Home ideologies into one.

Therefore a Re-Integration Facility provides more support and care than a Sober Living Home. The Living House provides a safe, substance-free home-based on the 12-Step mutual-help model with a readily available community of recovery-related peer-support as well as a list of recommended Rehabs in the UK.

Residents are supported in their reintegration to the broader society within our caring, supportive community. Assistance is provided according to the individual needs of each resident. This includes assistance with formulating C.Vs, budgeting, purchasing and preparation of food, working within a group that encourages effective communication and appropriate expression of emotions. The Living House provides care and support for individuals wanting to transition from a clinical, structured facility to deal with the responsibilities of daily living. Encouragement is provided for motivated individuals to sustain a productive life of abstinence.