Cape Town, South Africa is becoming well-known as a treatment hub by many people around the world. In the last four years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of treatment centres around the Mother City. People from all over the world are flocking to Cape Town to receive affordable good quality addiction treatment.
Why would foreigners travel to South Africa to receive medical care for substance abuse?
First and foremost, substance abuse treatment in Europe and the Americas is highly expensive. This alone puts addiction treatment out of reach for many middle-class individuals. Quality treatment in South Africa is a fraction of the cost when compared with treatment in other areas of the world.
Secondly, the landscape in Cape Town is conducive to Recovery. Surrounded by beautiful Table Mountain, lush forests, and an exquisite ocean the individual has the ideal setting to give their best shot at gainful recovery.
Rehab in Cape Town is becoming the number one choice for many referral sources around the world as a direct result of our growing reputation for excellent quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To support the treatment centres in and around Cape Town is a very healthy 12-step recovery community. The 12-step program is ideal for attaining long-term recovery. When a patient leaves a rehabilitation facility, it is very important that he or she has a sober, like-minded community to associate with as the support of the facility itself is no longer available.  Numerous research articles written by authorities in the addiction field have clearly stated that addicts often return to abusing substances as a result of the lack of inter-personal connection they experience. The 12-step fellowship provides a massive community all over the world which is why it is essential for a person to incorporate the 12-step model into their recovery.

At The Living House, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the oldest and most experienced rehabilitation centres in Cape Town.
We differentiate ourselves from fellow rehabs in Cape Town with our multidimensional and sustainable approach to recovery, recognizing and acknowledging the difficulties in the fight against addiction. With the options of our 1, 3, or 6-month residential contracts, we strive to assist our residents in building a life where staying clean is achievable, with active Recovery Coaching allowing for little chance of slipping back into bad habits. Our program is based on 10 years’ experience of the core principles needed to achieve a well-balanced and authentic Recovery.

The Living House has partnered with Harmony Addiction, rehabs in the UK and Psychiatric Clinic one of Cape Town’s leading addiction clinics. With 13 years of rehabilitation experience, Harmony’s client-centred programme gives you the very best chance of making a full recovery the first time around. We provide treatment that focuses on person-centred care, engagement, skills development and trauma-focused interventions. We strive to ensure that people have choices and become an active voice in their treatment. We’ve become the facility of choice, which we believe is due to our compassionate team, ideal setting and world-class programme.

Our rehab cape town can be contacted on 021 790 7779. Contact our rehab today for professional advice and help.